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Direct Mail Delivers; But We Can Make It Better!

Coordinate Your Multi-Channel Direct Marketing!

The DigiDirect Platform turbo charges your direct marketing campaign, coordinating additional channels with your already successful direct mail efforts. Your message is reinforced through the use of our platform, providing; Mail Tracking, Landing Pages, Triggered Email, Success Reporting, Purls and Campaign Coordination.

PDF Link to Multi-Channel Marketing

Variable Data Personalization (VDP Customization)

Specifically tailor your copy, images and colors to appeal to customers and better engage readers. Any document with text or images driven from a database is "variable data printing" (VDP). Vary text, photos, designs, offers, colors and more...

With VDP you have the ability to use what you know about your recipients to craft a message that is personalized and unique. Many businesses, organizations and schools have increase ROI and response rates with VDP.

  • Insert names
  • Personalize copy, colors and images
  • Each piece is different, based on variables: EX: customer's characteristics, past purchases, gender, income.
  • Personal, timely, and persuasive
  • Insert photos, directions, contact information
  • Vary your merchandising mix corresponding to demographics, psychographics and purchase behavior.

Businesses that send print materials to prospective clients have found success using variable data printing, which is a printing technique that enables brands to produce materials with specialized information. This could include specific names, marketing messages, photographs and merchandise, depending on the needs of companies' marketing campaigns.

Variable data printing enables brands to reach consumers with messages made for them, which has been proven to boost return on investment and response rates in print marketing initiatives. Companies can cut through generic messages with their own highly personalized ones and make customers feel more appreciated with variable data printing.


Using variable-data printing is an important way to improve your direct mail responses, but integrating personalized urls into a variable direct mail campaign can boost response rates up to FOUR TIMES more than traditional response channels.


Capture detailed demographics on interested visitors Create a list of warm leads from a broad range of potential customers Provide highly relevant and personal content in real time
Produce follow up communications immediately and automatically Track results from different campaigns and lists, Create a marketing database with in-depth customer information


  • Recruiting — students, personnel
  • Gathering qualified sales leads and instantly notifying your sales team using email responses
  • Surveys and or customer feedback
  • Opt-in marketing for newsletters, programs
    RSVPs, Tradeshows and Event Registration


You can easily integrate QR Codes into your printed projects. Discuss using a QR code on you next project by simply contacting one of our experienced sales reps.


QR Codes may appear in magazines, on brochures, business cards, or on just about any printed material. Users with a camera phone equipped with the appropriate reader application can scan and decode the image of the QR Code. This act of linking from physical world objects is known as hard linking.

The Android operating system supports the use of QR codes by including a native barcode scanner app. The Android browser supports URI redirects, which allow QR Codes to send metadata to existing applications on the device. The Apple iOS on iPhone does not natively support reading and interpretation of QR Codes, but free apps are available on iTunes that enable the code reader and metadata browser redirect functionality. Recently, QR Codes have become more commonplace for marketing applications and have been integrated into both conventional and interactive marketing campaigns. QR codes have been deployed on billboards, point-of-sale displays, event tracking, trade-show marketing, direct mail campaigns, email marketing, and couponing.

Your Company Store

Our online platform can be used to provide immediate value and benefit to customers without the need to make large investments in technology, staff and capital. Our solution can be rebranded to create your custom storefront.

DigiLink’s solutions are designed to support companies, organizations and print brokers that would like to utilize DigiLink’s print online capabilities and production workflow. Or, if you are simply seeking the broad high quality print capabilities that DigiLink can offer.

Building on our traditional printing expertise and using innovative custom software, we now offer our client’s creative web to print solutions that provide convenience, quality and value for all your document printing – from marketing to business collateral to posters and more. Having worked with thousands of small businesses, self-employed professionals and Fortune 500 corporations, we understand that efficiency, convenience and value are essential.

As a supplier of printing and direct mail services, DigiLink’s goal is to provide you with the quickest turnaround, best product quality, and most prompt customer support possible.

The first step is to contact us and meet with our business development team. We will review your requirements and demonstrate how our dynamic online solution can work for you.

Digital and Offset Printing



Let's face it, the world has changed, and so has DigiLink's ability to deliver the quick turnarounds you need. We have created an independent digital department to quickly and cost effectively manage digitally printed projects. Black and white or rich color, small or large quantities — simple or complex, our team of highly skilled digital print specialists will make your documents shine. We can help you with your Variable Data Campaigns!


Komori L628 + L640
Presses with Aqueous Coating Unit for larger-run projects that demand the highest quality, DigiLink's Komori L628 and L640 six-color offset presses offer several unique advantages. It uses the sophisticated color-management technology to deliver consistently vivid images throughout the run-even at high-speed operation (12,000 sheets per hour). We can fine-tune its ink fountain in 500 increments (most presses allow only 200 increments) to ensure consistency and quality. It can also apply aqueous coatings or spot varnishes to protect your projects and add value.


For collating, folding, cutting, saddle stitching, shrink-wrapping, perfect binding, wire and plastic coil, DigiLink has the latest state of the art equipment ensuring you a quality finished product.


Speed & Versatility DigiLink can deliver short-run projects faster with two sheet-fed two-color presses-a Komori L-228 and Hamada 12- by 18-inch-perfect for cost-effective one and two color PMS printing of envelopes, newsletters, invitations and other short runs.


Expert printing begins with expert prepress. Our business is deeply rooted in prepress assembly, retouching, and file management. Trust that our experienced operators can evaluate, troubleshoot and prepare your files to produce the best possible printed product. Whether you are working in InDesign, Quark, Illustrator, or other applications, our well-seasoned team stands ready to support you.


We have a great solution for printing 4/C envelopes. Fantastic quality! Order online at DigiXPress.com or contact your sales or customer service for more information.

Direct Mail Services

We are mailing experts. Ask us anything, we're happy to walk you through all the steps!

Our technology lets us imprint addresses and indices and apply tabs at a speed of up to 11,000 pieces per hour, decreasing your costs and speeding your mail on its way. Our ink jet technology provides crisp, sharp addressing.


You have a couple of primary considerations to consider when designing your piece. Specifically, there are two distinct methods; Self Mailers and Inserted Mail.

Postcards, brochures, booklets, and newsletters and invitations are considered self mailers, you have the option too in designing your project to be inserted into an envelope. This method is generally not as cost effective and usually will not deliver the same results, as far as response and growing your sales.


As part of DigiLink's complete mailing and data analysis, we can help manage your mailing lists. Contact Customer Service for assistance.


Preparing a mailing involves plenty of decision making that will affect time, cost, and appearance of your project. Our Customer Service team can help guide you through these choices.

  • First class (Minimum of 500 pieces)
  • Standard (Minimum of 200 pieces)
  • Nonprofit (Minimum of 200 pieces)


  • Postcard — 3.5" X 5" — 4.25" X 6"
  • Letter — 4.25" X 6" up to 6 1/8" X 11.5" (max size for fold pieces 6 X 10.5)
  • Flats — greater than 6 1/8" X 11.5" up to 12" X 15"

Postage & Mailing FAQ's

What services am I paying for when I purchase Mailing Services?

You are paying for ink jet addressing of the postcards, etc., a merge/purge, CASS Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System), Postal Standardization, Postal Presorting, Data Conversions, custom programming, postage, and data confidentiality.

Is the cost for postage included in my written estimate?

Yes, all costs have been added in to the total shown in my written estimate.

Can I use my own mailing permit?

No, at this time, you may not use your own mailing permit.

Can I apply my non-profit status to postage for Mailing Services?

No, not at this time.

More Information...

How can I design my mailing piece to ensure that it qualifies for the service class I need?

The best way is to refer to PE.USPS.com, click on Mail Piece Design. They show where clear space (free of any design elements) is needed to facilitate bar coding, addressing and permit imprinting so that the mail piece is eligible for your preferred mail service class.

What will you do with any duplicate or questionable addresses from my list (CASS Certification)?

On every mailing order we remove duplicate listings and CASS Certify the list, which allows us to identify "undeliverable" or questionable addresses. We generally remove any addresses that are deemed Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) as a result of the CASS certification process. Occasionally, we will retain some addresses that are deemed UAA but are still deliverable, such as universities or hospitals. Please call if you have any questions or special requests.

Can you send the questionable addresses or clean list back to me?

We would be happy to email the "cleaned up" version of your list to you, or send you the list of the questionable addresses we removed at your request. Just contact us to let us know what file format you would like to receive.

Can you use my mail permit?

We are able to mail from our service location using our mail permit. Mailing permits are tied to local USPS offices and may only be used in the locality where they are issued. If you'd like us to address your material and ship it to you, you could use your own permit and mail it from your location.

What mailing list format should I send you?

The best file formats to send us for your mailing list are either Microsoft Excel or a tab or comma delimited text file.

Please contact us if you're not sure what format you have or if we can use it. We can walk you through getting your address list into a viable file format and uploaded to us. The most common file formats and extensions for mailing lists are:

  • .CSV Comma Delimited
  • .ASC ASCII text file
  • .TXT ASCII text file
  • .XLSX or .XLS Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  • .ACCDB or .MDB Microsoft Access

What's the best way to break out the address fields or column names when exporting or preparing a mailing list?

The minimum required fields are: Name, Address1, City, State, Zip. Optional ones might be Business Name, Address2, Dept., etc. There is a limit of 5 lines for any address which in turn limits the number of different fields we can include.

Will you insert additional pieces into my envelope, flyer, etc.?

Yes we can do inserting. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and to get an accurate price quote.

Do you offer tabbing (also called wafer sealing)?

Any mailing piece that requires tabbing is automatically tabbed according to postal regulations. There is no additional price for tabbing as this is automatically included in the price. If you need tabbing but you don't need us to mail your material for you, please call us for pricing.

Will aqueous coating interfere with addressing and mailing?

Not with our equipment! We can easily address aqueous-coated pieces. In fact, adding aqueous is a great way to avoid the scuffing which can occur during the sorting and delivering of your pieces in the mailing process. If you plan to have us print your products but have someone else address and mail them, please check to make sure the aqueous coating won't interfere with their process. Some bulk mailing services have problems working with aqueous coating.

Can I have you mail some of my order and ship the rest?

We'll ship the quantity which is not mailed to the shipping address you provide to customer support. (Add'l charges may apply)

Is there a fee for a Return Service Request?

No, for First Class mailing services. The use of most service endorsements for returning pieces and updating addresses when needed are included free for customers mailing via First Class and First Class Presort, as long the piece includes a return address.

For Bulk Mail (standard mail), we will add "Or Current Resident" after the primary name or business. Pieces will be delivered as addressed and since nothing is being returned, you'll incur no further charges or fees on the mailing. If this will not meet your mailing needs, please contact us for return service or change-of-address options and rates for bulk mail.

I'd like to keep my mailing list up to date.

Yes, in fact, we offer this service with First Class mailings at no charge. We add an endorsement line to tell the Post Office you are attempting to keep your list up to date. An endorsement line for this would say "Temp-Return Service Requested" and when printed on the mail piece ensures that it is returned to you with the new address or reason for non-delivery attached.

Using and endorsement such as Temp-Return Service Requested is optional for customers using Bulk mail. If you'd like this option, you will be charged for all returned or updated addresses by the USPS, at first class rates. Please contact us to arrange this optional service.

Do you offer mailing lists?

Yes! If you don't have a mailing list yet or would like to enhance the one you have, just contact us. Our mailing experts will work with you to find a targeted list that meets your needs.

Lists can be rented for single use, two times use, or unlimited use for one year. Renting your mailing list through us assures you'll get the highest quality addresses to minimize undeliverable pieces and maximize your direct mail campaign results.

Do you offer mailing services for items not printed with you?

Please call to get a price quote and to make sure we can fit it into our schedule.

Can you mail to Canada or other non-U.S. addresses?

We would be happy to mail to your foreign addresses. If you have a mail piece that folds, most countries require that it be sealed on all sides or placed in an envelope. Stamps are used for quantities under 200 pieces.

What is NCOA (National Change of Address)?

Over 40 million Americans change their address every year. The National Change of Address (NCOA) system uses the USPS database to check for people and businesses that have filed a change of address with the USPS within the last 48 months. Performing this update on a list saves you money on printing and postage by updating a list. Studies have shown that this service can save users a significant cost of their mailings (in many cases up to 15% or more) plus help increase response rates. NOTE: The post office does not forward bulk mail to the new address — they just recycle it.

NCOA — How it Works

We compare your list with the change orders given to the post office. which automatically updates your list with that person or business' new address. We provide you with this a list of the names with changes and their new address (some change to valid addresses, others change to non-updateable addresses). There is no cost to perform an NCOA clean up. We do charge $25 setup and .01 per name for NCOA list scrubbing only orders.


  • CASS Certification: Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) improves delivery of your mail piece and maximizes postage savings by adding Zip+4 codes to your mailing list where possible. The CASS Certification process also helps determine certain address problems and standardizes addresses to Postal Service formatting. The correct Zip+4 allows us to apply postal barcodes to your mail pieces, qualifying your mail for Mail Class discounts.
  • Zip+4: The standard ZIP Code is a system of 5 digit codes that identify the individual post office or area delivery station associated with the address. The additional 4 digits identify a specific range of delivery addresses.
  • Barcodes: Barcodes are small vertical lines printed in the bottom right corner of the piece to be mailed — we call this area the clear space. Much like a grocery scanner, barcodes represent the numbers which make up the address and Zip+4 codes. These codes make it possible for the mail processing equipment to quickly process these pieces, lowering mail-processing and delivery costs. The savings are passed on to consumers through lower postage rates.
  • Clear Space: Area in lower right of a mailing piece where the address and bar-code is printed. (Please refer to our FREE product templates). This area must be blank or with less than 10% ink density, to ensure machine readability and therefore be eligible for your desired mail service class. Refer to our "U.S. Mail Layout Guides" for more information and help in preparing your layout.
  • Ancillery Service Endorsements (such as Service Requests): These are usually imprinted directions on a mail piece to tell the Post Office what to do with the piece if it becomes undeliverable, such as: Change Service Requested, Forwarding Service Requested, Return Service Requested and Address Service Requested. These are normally required on a First Class Presorted pieces.
  • Ink Jet Addressing: We use state of the art, high-speed, ink jet technology for accurate addressing and bar coding that meets or exceeds USPS addressing regulations. In addition our addressing equipment can print on aqueous coating. This scuff-resistant gloss coating enables your piece to resist scratches and marks as it travels through the postal system to have a better chance of arriving at its destination looking clean and sharp. Many mailing services cannot print on aqueous-coated stocks.
  • NCOA (National Change of Address): Over 40 million Americans change their address every year. The National Change of Address (NCOA) system uses the USPS database to check for people and businesses that have filed a change of address with the USPS within the last 48 months. Performing this update on a list saves you money on printing and postage by updating a list. Studies have shown that this service can save users a significant cost of their mailings (in many cases up to 15% or more) plus help increase response rates. NOTE: The post office does not forward bulk mail to the new address — they just recycle it.

Group Run Printing

Custom Binders

For 8.5"x11" Letter size pages 1/2" and 1" ring sizes. Comes in 5 different textures: High Gloss leather feel, Soft and Matte suede fee, Polished Brushed metallic, Smooth Satin sheen, Fine-grain Pastels.

For Horizontal 8.5"x11" Letter size page 1" ring size. Comes in 5 different textures: High Gloss leather feel, Soft and Matte suede fee, Polished Brushed metallics, Smooth Satin sheen, Fine-grain Pastels.

For Horizontal 17" x 11" Tabliod size pages 1" ring size.

Complete the look with this one of a kind binder shell. The Front Case: the untimate binder acccessory.

Your logo custom-stamped on any of our binders. Add color with the crisp foils.

Personalize your Frost Case with a color imprint. Quick turnaround. Sharp results.

Unique Tab Dividers, Page Protectors, Clear Pockets, and more...

Order 100 or more. Major discounts. Free logo debossing.

Please request more information by contacting your Sales or Customer Service Rep.