We specialize in custom marketing portals, document printing, business cards,

direct mail products, signage and display graphics, gallery photo canvas.

Learn the latest Finishing techniques; special coatings, film lamination, embossing, debossing, foils.

  • Direct Mail – Wolf Trap

    Direct mail campaigns are more powerful when you create more than one version to hit a wider target audience. We often p...

  • Special Finishes – The Flow Magazine

    The Flow Magazine is a great example of how a Textured Spot UV coating can take a standard publication to a whole new le...

  • Marketing Portals – PHAB

    We’re transforming the way clients manage their key print assets and fulfill orders. DigiLink custom designs and b...



DigiLink has strategically diversified its core printing business with solutions that include fast-ship digital printing, marketing portals, sign & display graphics, and gallery photo canvas.

Digital Printing & Marketing

We offer great options for printing short-run and variable data projects. Design with white and clear accents to really stand out!

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Custom Printing

Longer run offset–complex projects are our specialty! For your next project contact one of our Sales or Account reps.

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Warehousing & Fulfillment

We provide warehousing and inventory controls for your products. Our online system fulfills orders by carton, pallet or truckload.

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Marketing Portals

Streamline your operations with a customer-specific website tailored to your business. Manage internal and external clients efficiently. Contact us for a demo!

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Wide Format Printing

Find new customers with creative Banners, POP Signage, Event Displays, Window Graphics and Gallery Photo Canvas.

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Postal Specs

DigiLink’s industry leading mail tracking solutions, and data analysis, offers you critical up-to-the-minute marketing reports.

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Percentage of 18-34 year olds that strongly value print personalization.

In a fast paced digital world where things change every minute, the printed piece feels more permanent and special.


Number of jobs produced at DigiLink since 2000.

DigiLink has a very special and loyal clientele that surely keeps us on our toes. Meeting customers’ ever-changing needs is our top priority.


Number of pieces DigiLink mails each month on average.

Let DigiLink share with you how print and digital media are working together to create impactful marketing campaigns.


Superior Quality

Rest assured that your print products will turn out right the first time. DigiLink’s commitment to quality and on-time delivery has earned us high marks with our clients.


Fast Turnarounds

DigiLink offers some of the fastest printing turnaround times.  Offering 1-and 2-day turnarounds, on select digitally printed products.


Our Online Store

At you have online access for ordering a range of printing and photo canvas products. Our customer service team is available to help you through challenging production points.


 Digital Printing – Big, White & Clear

Add clear or white toners, in addition to CMYK, to highlight your message on brochures, postcards, menus, and business cards.


Track Mail & QR Scans

USPS scans your mail and DigiLink’s Mail Track solution reports the progress–from drop-off to delivery.