File Upload Instructions

Sending us Your Files

 To upload your files, please contact your sales or customer service rep to get their upload link.  Once installed you’ll be able to upload files directly.


Preferred file format – Press-Ready PDF; PDF/X1-a:2001.

Source – Acrobat Distiller [PostScript to PDF/X1-a:2001], Quark or InDesign Export to PDF/X1-a:2001. Word or Publisher files [including PDFs made from these applications] are not accepted.

Document setup overview – Supply single pages (no spreads), add minimum 1/8” (.125”) bleed on ALL sides, .25” safety area from trim for non-bleed text and images, CMYK (or specified spot colors), images/graphics hi-resolution (300 dpi).


  • Export PDF using PDF/X1-a:2001 settings with marks and .125 bleeds.
  • Set print file at 100%, centered and 1” larger than trim.
  • Set crop marks “on” with 12-pt offset and bleed set to .125”. The Marks Offset should be .167”, not .0833”.
  • Include all image and graphic data (no OPI) and embed all font data. When possible, include fonts and hi-resolution graphics (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files). Include crop marks and flatten files.
  • Include only colors (CMYK or spot) and layers that print (no FPO).
  • If given choice, select PostScript 3, High Resolution, and Binary.
  • After exporting, open PDF to confirm that the project’s type, colors and images appear as expected. Check file dimensions, bleed and marks.


  • Submit “print-ready” PDFs. Print-ready PDFs are for desktop applications—RGB and lo-rez.
  • Check options that say Simulate, Optimize, Fit, or Password Protect.