Digital Printing & Marketing

New Solutions, New Successes

We’ll help you manage your personalized print campaign from start to finish, including; idea and design consultation, marketing, printing, and mailing.

Digitally Printed Projects


You can now add clear or white toner in addition to CMYK to highlight point-of-purchase displays, business cards, menus, oversized prints and more.

Today, you can print your digital jobs on more media than ever, including traditional paper products, synthetics, textures and more.

Fast and reliable service for black and white or rich color, small or large quantities — simple or complex, our team of highly skilled digital print specialists will make your documents shine.

Are you looking for new ways to differentiate your message?  When printing on darker paper stocks, highlight the entire document, selected images or specific text with the clear coating to help your message stand out.

Or use white toner capability to potentially create revenue opportunities for your business by printing on clear media such as window clings or dark substrates.

4/C Digital Envelope Printing

We have an affordable and efficient solution for printing 4/C  -standard or variable data envelopes. 

Contact us to talk about your next envelope project.


Personalized Print (variable data printing)

Personalized print takes what would otherwise be a static print piece and personalizes it for each recipient.  Personalization can be as simple as a name in a salutation or as complex as the use of images/design and historical data targeted to the specific interests of each individual. It seeks to make the communication piece relevant to each recipient.

Personalized Print has proven to be an effective communication / marketing tool in capturing the attention of target audiences.  Research shows that the use of personalized print contributes to increased response rates, revenue, and business improvement; as well as, reducing the costs and waste associated with “generic” mailing.

Some examples: recruitment brochures designed with images related to a student’s course of study, or donor correspondence that includes the specifics of their contribution history, or simply changing out an image of car that targets the interest of the recipient – maybe a Mercedes for a real estate agent and a Toyota Prius for an environmentalist, and MORE…

Print to Mobile

Clearly, print, mail and digital advertising surround our lives. From a marketing perspective, striking the right balance and understanding your audience is essential. DigiLink can share how print and digital media effectively can work together to create impactful marketing campaigns.

  • Target the right audience
  • Develop engaging and personalized content
  • Create a compelling campaign design
  • Choose the optimal format for your campaign
  • Persuade your audience to take action
  • Track your success

We’ll walk you through the basics of how to build a successful digital media campaign, including; extreme personalization, landing pages, triggered and timed emails, email marketing and results tracking. In other words, we’ll show you how to make “print”, part of your larger marketing campaign.

Manage Campaigns

Cross-channel marketing (cross-media marketing) combines variable data printing, mailing services, mail tracking and online marketing to create a diversified campaign that can provide you with higher response rates and in turn, higher return on investment.

Automate Processes

Implement marketing and sales processes with automated sending, automated response and automated follow-ups in a simple and cost effective way.

Connect to CRM Data

Keep your data always consistent and never lose any results.

Marketing Analytics

Measure the success of your campaigns in detail and use the results for yourself or put them at your customers’ disposal to follow up on marketing activities.

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