Marketing Portals

Streamline Your Operations

 Marketing Portals; where internal and external customers can place orders, track inventory, edit product templates and generate reports.


Marketing Portals

Snapshot of Benefits

  • Controlled Corporate Brand Identity
  • Centralized Purchasing for Multiple Locations
  • Managed Assets
  • Permission-Based Buying
  • Simple, Quick Inventory History Reports

Product Catalog

Create a custom catalog of only your products. When you log in, only your company’s products are displayed. You may use the catalog to track product inventory if you wish. By adding products to the website, internal and external customers can quickly and easily place print orders.

Order Management (Benefit to both the customer and DigiLink)

You can easily manage your orders from one screen. Use the navigation icons next to each order to leave notes, change status, update specifications, add shipment information, print tickets, and more.

Product Personalization and Variable Data Printing

Using the personalization and variable data component of the storefront, internal and external customers can quickly and easily customize, proof, and approve documents directly from a web browser.

Interactive Pricing Calculators

DigiLink can build simple or complex interactive pricing calculators to provide instant pricing information based on the options you select.

Job Ticketing

The marketing portal generates a job ticket for each order placed. Nearly all information available is summarized for reference.

Approval Workflow

With DigiLink’s approval workflow, you can easily define which users need ordering approval and which users can approve orders. When a user with limited permissions places an order, users with approval capabilities are automatically notified by email to complete the approval process.

Transactional Inventory Control

Keep track of current inventory levels and inventory history with powerful transactional inventory control capabilities. Customers can view inventory detail such as current inventory level, last replenish dates, and even view orders placed against the inventoried product.

User Management

Create unlimited numbers of users for your storefront. This allows DigiLink and you to easily track who ordered what. You may even assign a variety of permission levels to each user to better manage the ordering capabilities of each user. User Groups allow you to associate products with groups of users and even assign different pricing for each of the user groups.

Custom Design

Customize the look and feel of the Marketing Portal.  DigiLink can share with you predesigned templates to personalize with your colors and artwork. Or you may work with one of our talented designers to create a unique look. Integration Accept credit card payments, provide real-time shipping rate information, export data, and more.

  • Automate Order Taking – 24/7 (Fulfillment Style)
  • By creating a custom marketing portal for your key products, internal and external customers can directly order their printed materials on your website, saving precious resources and allow your staff to focus on more difficult tasks.
  • Manage branding, color scheme, content, products, pricing, shipping and payment methods and can be extensively tailored to meet your needs.